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Rent a Backdrop Near Me

  Decorations and Backdrops for Parties Near Me

It’s your party, and you want it to be fun. You want it to look good, sound good and feel good while fitting the vision you have in mind. Try some of these ideas to help you customize your party:

Custom Lighting

Indoor and outdoor lighting has a way of impacting an atmosphere. We have a variety of custom lighting options for you to choose from, such as:


  • Fairy Lights

  • Globe Lights

  • LED String Lights

  • LED Curtain Lights

  • Uplighting

  • Intelligent Lighting

  • And Spotlights


Tables and Centerpieces

Cocktail tables always add something of beauty to a party, but what happens if you highlight it with wireless uplight centerpieces? It becomes astounding.

Dance Floor Enhancements

The dance floor is where most of the action is likely to take place. With fog machines, moving lights, and more, you can bring the dance floor to life before the sole of one shoe steps on it.


Is it Nana’s 85th birthday? Honor her with a slideshow of her life and achievements. Are your best friends getting married? Put together a slideshow of how their relationship progressed. Is your child going off to college? Have all of his or her loved ones make a video with advice, love, and heartfelt messages to play at his graduation party. Using a UHD TV to do so will make the experience even more incredible.

Love Marquees

Want something fun in the background of photos? Take a look at our “Love” marquees that are perfect for weddings, Valentine’s Day parties, and much more.

Photo Booths

Celebrations always need photos, and what better way to take those photos than with our Mirror X photo booth? It’s a work of art itself.


Monogram projections are great for weddings and other events where you hope to honor someone. Having their name or initials on the wall can easily make them feel special and know that they are loved.


Backdrops are an important element to glamorous photos. Do a search for “backdrops for parties near me” to get a good look at what is available. You will likely find something that you absolutely love.

When you have decided what decorations and enhancements you want at your event, contact Crashboat Sound for rental options. You can also look for “party photo booth near me” and “rent a backdrop near me” to find local options.

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